Always check with an expert before going ahead

One injection of QR678 costs only about Rs 6,000 and a patient may require 4-8 of these injections, each at monthly intervals, for the purpose of hair restoration, depending on the extent of hair loss that they face. Many people, especially the ones who are genetically predisposed, find the damage to have already been severe, by the time they even decide to visit a doctor or a trichologist.

This procedure has clear advantages over traditional hair transplantation. With the help of microinjections into the scalp skin, this QR 678 Formultaion is injected in to the scalp of the patient. QR678 is a remarkable invention, as it uses the growth factors that are already present in humans and helps the hair grow back. When it comes to the things which are ridiculously harmful to our hair health, stress and pollution are just the tip of the iceberg.So, what makes the QR678 the most revolutionary approach for treating hair loss? QR678 is essentially a potent mixture of hair growth factors or proteins which are already present in the human scalp and which are responsible for hair growth.The bad news is that if it is in your genes there is no way you can escape hair loss. After years of research and clinical trials on over 10000 patients, the QR678 was recently awarded a patent from the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which is a remarkable feat for any pharmaceutical invention. Hair loss is something that can be very difficult to cope up with, because of the rate at which it takes place. One of the biggest inventions of modern cosmetic medicine has been the invention of a hair growth formulation, which is known as the QR678. However, there is some good news as well.

Always check with an expert before going ahead with the treatment). A file picture of Tyra Banks used for representational purposes only. The hair that grows back by the treatment with QR678 looks natural, as the dormant or dead hair follicles are stimulated to grow hair again.Given how hair fall is an issue of concern among young adults, a revolutionary approach for treating hair loss has emerged. One of the biggest issues with hair, that practically seems to be a problem with seven out of ten people nowadays, is rapid hair fall or hair loss.The writer is a facial plastic surgeon. In patients with hair fall, it has been HXF fixed pump Injection Molding Machine proven that these growth factors decrease in the scalp. The world of healthcare and medicine has witnessed some immensely phenomenal inventions. Given the pollution and stress which comes with the daily grind, our hair happens to take a beating, more often than not. Our lifestyle and very importantly our genes hold the key to the good health of our hair

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A consumer’s retail interaction

For fashion brands, the potential of AI taking over these day to day decisions is very high and will only increase with time. This feedback, if correlated correctly, can be used as a guiding tool for future merchandising and retail dominance. Companies around the world have invested millions in writing software that would eventually be able to quantify the complexities of abstracts, such as fashion. The designers can now be more confident in the sales potential of their merchandise. The AI platforms can be taught about the regional colour, design and material preferences of consumers – and then emerging patterns of information can be used to make intelligent supply chain decisions. As digital transactions and interactions increase, and more and more data is produced, the fashion brands can only look up to powerful AI platforms with humongous data-crunching capacities to assist them to navigate complex digital waters. There are thousands of digital footprints that we leave behind each day when we engage over the Internet – be it reading an article, reviewing a product or signing up for an event. These footprints are a goldmine for the fashion industry – since it helps in identifying what we call a digital persona of a person in the AI world. This is where AI-based inventory management systems come to rescue.

A lot of trends that may be seen as useless, may well be defined as valuable when the AI systems and machine learning engines do the data crunching.AI in Consumer Interaction and Engagement:AI-based chat-bots are being used now to seamlessly interact with consumers.In all, something as abstract as fashion can be more-or-less quantified using artificial intelligence to the point that it may very well one day be able to make automated design and product decisions for current and future trends. Using this info, it is possible to accurately map a person’s digital persona to their potential interests. Customised and automated messaging systems can keep the consumers abreast with the latest offerings of a fashion brand; thus keeping the customers engaged through the information that is unique & customized to his/her taste. It is well said — A machine is a much more faithful friend with another machine – than a human. Though this can be done manually, it can be done faster, better, cheaper and more accurately by using the processing capability of an AI platform. Also, the real-time digital feedback mechanisms can quantify the customer satisfaction – thus assisting in customer retention.(source). For sized products, like shoes and apparels, these intelligent platforms provide market-wise recommendation in sizing to ensure that the correct set of sizes are available in applicable markets. With access to more data and insights, the fashion designers can now take help from the AI platforms to design accordingly. This is especially amplified when an AI system knows what a person bought and when – thus projecting and reinforcing a potential consumer’s interest in a fashion product through targeted advertising. These chat-bots learn skills over time by interacting with a various set of customers and they are able to handle most questions and concerns on their own – not to mention that they don’t change shifts or get tired like their human counterparts – thus leading to higher consumer satisfaction. Additionally, the information collected through chat-bots is regularly analyzed and correlated by AI central commands for deeper insights about consumer base. The resulting insights very often are counter-intuitive, and hence help in more accurate design decisions. This saves time and money that was earlier wasted in feels that artificial intelligence is now helping with not only the merchandising decisions but also in fine-tuning the supply chain and creating customised and personalised fashion trends. The power of consumer insights allows for gauging the market size as well – thus helping brands in ascertaining the quantities to be produced. (Photo:AFP) Fashion traditionally has been seen as an expression of artistic sensibilities to enhance one’s personality. For instance, if someone reads about Harley Davidson bikes, they can then be targeted to see ads related to high fashion leather biker shoes. Ambud Sharma, Founder of Escaro Royale Luxury (Escaro.

AI systems are now being utilised to correlate worldwide data to forecast trends on what merchandise needs to be produced and in what quantity. These systems understand the velocity of sales, many times global sales, and provide insights into what is selling and how fast.AI in Fashion Forecasting With the exponential increase in data and events pertaining to fashion each season, it is humanly impossible to collate and correlate all data to understand the future trends. A consumer’s retail interaction, be it in a showroom or on a website is extremely important and hear-worthy. More importantly, they help in providing recommendations on inventory optimization across markets – thus ensuring that the right product is available in the right market.AI in Inventory ManagementMost fashion brands of today understand the importance of a well-orchestrated supply chain and inventory management. A machine is a much more faithful friend with another machine – than a human. There have been several attempts in the past to quantify something as abstract as fashion – but most attempts have failed due to varying opinions on the very definition of fashion – until the turn of this century. The feedback received in real-time from the consumers can be extrapolated to ascertain whether the consumer demand is being sufficed or not – and if the consumer is looking for something that isn’t available.AI in Retail IntelligenceRetail is complex but can be handled seamlessly using AI.AI in Consumer InsightsIt is important to know your customer, and even more important to know your plastic injection molding machine consumers’ buying and spending behaviour. The typical variables include colours, patterns, designs and geographic tastes in materials. There is nothing more frustrating than having inventory that doesn’t sell and not having inventory that sells well.For fashion brands, the potential of AI taking over these day to day decisions is very high and will only increase with time

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This bike comes with a single down tube with

The air-cooled engine comes with fuel injection technology.Tool Box: The toolbox comes with the timeless classic design. The coil Ignition works fine with its engine.2 bhp @ 5250 rpm. Have a look at it and you will understand why it appeals to the bike lovers.3 Nm of torque.It is a single seater bike that comes with springs. Quite expectedly, it is often too tough to decide which one to pick.Let’s check out some of the outstanding features and specifications of Classic 350 and Classic 500.Fuel Tank: The tank is designed with stylish graphics and thigh pads.Engine: The bike is armed with a 500cc single cylinder with 4 stroke spark ignition.This bike offers everything that a biker could ask for.

The bore x stroke measurement is 84mm x 90mm. Royal Enfield Classic 500 is the most desirable bike. Classic 350 is now available in Gunmetal Grey color and Classic 500 is available in Stealth Black. However, it’s missing features like Tripmeter, anti-lock-braking system and alloy wheels. When on road, Classic 500 grabs all the eyeballs because people can’t take their eyes off it.The compression ratio is 8.5: 1.5-liter engine fuel capacity, Classic 500 keeps your ride going on.Twin gas charged shock absorbers and telescope front forks at the rear can handle everything when you are on the road. Both the variants, available in new color, China wholesale double color injection molding machine are matt finished and are now available with rear disc brake and swingarm, which was earlier only available in Royal Enfield’s Thunderbird 500. Bike riding is liberating and it offers a soulful experience. Its multi-plate clutch makes your riding experience smoother.The Features of Royal Enfield Classic 500Here are the features of the Classic beast.5: 1. Classic 350 appeals your eyes as well as your ears. It’s really difficult to decide which model is better. Short silencer and fuel gauge are the additional features. Constant vacuum carburetor fuel supply optimizes the functioning of this riding machine.5 Liter engine capacity that lets you ride more. And it all boils down to your preferences and riding expectations.Wrapping it Up!Both the bike models are equipped with so many features. The air-cooled OHV engine generates 41.

No wonder, rider community has a special place for Royal Enfield in its heart.Royal Enfield Classic 350Royal Enfield Classic 350’s instrument console comes with an analog speedometer, odometer and battery indicator. It has fuel efficiency, power, and reliability.Dimensions: For the love of riding, Classic 500 comes with 13.The Specifications Royal Enfield Classic 500Here are the specifications of the Royal Enfield Classic 500 beast. Wet sump lubrication ensures proper functioning of the engine.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm.Silencer: The short silencer is aesthetically designed to get that timeless 1950's look. Since Royal Enfield is such a revered motorcycle brand popular amongst riders and bike enthusiasts, its bikes sell like hot cakes.. The bike’s styling is classic- simple yet appealing. Its displacement is 499cc. This beast offers a maximum torque of is 41. The bike comes with Royal Enfield’s ride quality promise.Seat: In order to offer comfortable riding experience, the bikes come with a single saddle seat. To smoothen the bike start experience, the bike comes with the feature of electric start. The tail lamp gives a vintage look to the bike.Brakes: When you apply 2-piston caliper 280mm disc front brakes and single lead internal expanding 153mm drum rear brakes, the bike stops without any sudden jerks. With 90 percent fuel and oil, its kerb weight is 194 kilograms. When loaded with 90 percent fuel and oil, its kerb weight is 192 Kilograms with 135 mm ground clearance.These bikes have been remodeled to take the bike riding experience to a whole new level.Engine: It is equipped with a 4 stroke single cylinder with spark ignition.Specifications of Royal Enfield Classic 350Engine: Royal Enfield Classic 350’s 4 stroke engine is armed with single cylinder and twin spark. But one thing sure - both these bikes offer a comfortable, controlled and lavish riding experience. You can kick start it or electric start as well.The digital electronic ignition makes it stand out.Dimensions: With 13. The riding machine offers a maximum torque of 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm and maximum power of 19. The conventional headlamp comes with a mighty halogen bulb which provides good light.Its multi-plate, wet clutch is ideal for a smooth transition. It is supported by springs that offer you a relaxing ride.3 Nm @ 4000 rpm and maximum power is 27. With its state-of-the-art bikes, Royal Enfield makes this experience much better.

All new Classic 350 and 500 are equipped to take any challenge thrown to them by bumpy roads and tough tracks; but, a bike insurance policy can be helpful in case you meet with an accident because of poor road conditions.Suspension: This bike comes with a single down tube with telescopic, 35mm forks, 130mm travel front suspension and double gas-charged shock absorbers equipped with 5 steps adjustable preload 80mm travel rear suspension.Headlamp: The headlamp gives the ultimate look to the bike.Electricals: 12 volts, 8 Ah battery gives power to H4-60/55W 12V Halogen headlamp, 12V, R10W X 4nos turn signal lamp and 12V, P21/5W tail lamp.In a recent development, Royal Enfield launched its ever-popular Classic 350 and Classic 500 bikes in new color scheme. It comes with 346 cc displacements and its compression ratio is 8. The toolbox’s design is aesthetically pleasing.These bikes have been remodeled to take the bike riding experience to a whole new level.Royal Enfield Classic 500It is equipped with a fuel injected 500cc engine and its post-war styling enhances its appearance further.When brakes are applied, 2-Piston caliper, 280mm disc front brakes, and internal expanding 153mm drum rear brakes make sure that the bike stops smoothly. In a recent development, Royal Enfield launched its ever-popular Classic 350 and Classic 500 bikes in new color scheme.Tail Lights: The vintage tail lamp is loaded with all the features of a classic design.Chassis and Suspension: Telescopic front suspension and 5-step adjustable preload double gas-charged shock absorbers give more power to this timeless machine

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